9 Signs He Loves Your Best Friend But Not You

Crushes are both the best and the worst thing in the world. They’re the best because you feel happier, you have things to look forward to and you constantly have that feeling in your tummy, like butterflies the size of elephants are flying around in your belly. But it’s also the worst, because at first, we can never be sure if the feeling is mutual or maybe it’s one sided. Is he also in you, or maybe he’s into your best friend? It’s hard to tell at the beginning because you usually hang out in group settings at first.

1. He Lights Up At The Mention Of Her Name
When people are attracted to someone it shows in their face. They almost start glowing, they can’t help but smile and their pupils dilate when they see the person they have a crush on or even at a mention of their name. So next time you have your friend around or you mention her in conversation with him – keep an eye out for that.

2. He Talks About Her a Lot
If he mentions her in conversation a lot – that might be another giveaway that he’s into your best friends and not you. You see, not only do we like seeing or hearing about the people we have a crush on, we also can’t help but talk about them all the time.

3. He Keeps Going To The Same Events As Her
This one is easy to notice if you and your friend often go to the same event. If he’s always around when she is, but if you go somewhere without her and there’s no sight of him – that’s another sign. Another way to check this is just to check out what events he’s going to on Facebook. There’s a chance he’ll be planning on going to the same ones as your friend.

4. He’s All Over Her Social Media
It’s 2017, everything is happening online these days. There’s no shame in stalking someone online anymore, we all do it. So if you see that he’s liking all of her Instagram pics and liking or retweeting her tweets, you know what it means. If he actually comments on her Instagram – you can be sure he’s into her.

5. His Interests Suddenly Change
Did he suddenly start listening to Taylor Swift even though he used to scoff at her? Has he stopped wearing beanies cause your friend jokes about it being very “Cold Play”? Are his interests suddenly becoming very similar to those of your best friends even though he was never like that before? Well, you know what that means.

6. He Will Go Any Place She’ll Be At
So here’s a scenario: you invite him to a party at your place and he’s not very keen on going. He says he’s not sure, and he’ll try to make it but he can’t promise for sure. Then he asks who’s gonna be there, and once your friend is mentioned he says he’ll come. That, my friends, is a dead giveaway.

7. His Body Language Changes When She’s Around
No matter how much we evolve, some things never change. Some guys can’t help but act all “alpha male” when the girl they’re interested in is around. One of the signs of such behavior is pulling one’s shoulders back, puffing out their chest and lowering their voice to sound a bit deeper.

8. He’s Subtly Flirting With Her
This is a very obvious sign. I mean, yeah, some people are flirtatious by nature, and flirt with everyone, but when it’s your best friends he’s being flirty with and not you – it’s impossible to miss. That’s a sign of no return. It’s time to give up.

9. Your Friends See It Too
As a last resort, it’s always a good idea to ask your friends what they think. If they say that it looks like he’s into your friend – you know you haven’t been imagining it, and it’s not just in your head. This battle is lost. But it’s ok, cheer up, there’s still plenty of fish in the sea.
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