12 B.S. Things Guys Say On a First Date

While there are sincere guys out there, there are also plenty of guys who are willing to say anything to impress a girl on a first date. In some cases he might just be looking for a quickie. In other cases, he suffers from deep insecurities. Either way, if a guy makes any of these 12 statements, turn down a second date at all costs.

1. I’m not the Jealous or Controlling Type
Let’s face it, if a guy is trying to convince you right off the bat that he never gets jealous and doesn’t control girls that he dates, he is completely full of it. A guy who is truly laid-back in his approach will demonstrate this through his deeds, not just with words.

2. I’m Totally Into Chick Flicks
Ladies, guys are never into chick flicks. Or musicals for that matter. At least not the straight ones you go out on dates with. If a guy hints that he would totally be cool if you wanted to go back to his place and watch Grease, he’s probably just trying to get you in the sack.

3. I’m Looking For a Committed Relationship
We aren’t saying that the opposite is true; that guys only want to fool around. But if you have only known each other for 30 minutes and he’s already talking about how he only dates girls who want something serious, he is either pulling your chain or is extremely desperate. Avoid that guy at all costs.

4. My Saturday Nights Are Always Super Busy
So he says he’s Mr Life of the Party, eh? Any guy who brags about always being out at the clubs either hasn’t grown up or, more likely, is far less popular than he pretends to be. We aren’t saying that you should avoid guys who like to have a good time, but do you really want someone who claims to be kind of a big deal?

5. This is my First Alcoholic Drink in Ages
Like many of these comments, a guy who is secure in himself has no need to say things like, “I’m going to order a whiskey. Golly! I can’t even remember the last time I’ve ordered a drink!” The bottom line is, if a guy claims to almost never drink, there’s a pretty good chance that he is the sloppiest drunk of them all.

6. I Get Along With All of My Exes
Relationships require that the couple give a lot of themselves. As a result, breakups are usually heartbreaking, emotional events. Sure, there are cases when the guy and girl come to a mutual understanding that the spark in their relationship is gone and agree to be friends. But if a guy claims that every single relationship ended without any anger or hurt feelings, he is not being truthful.

7. I’m Not Seeing Anybody Right Now
This assurance is especially odd. If a guy is being open and making it clear that he enjoys dating as a recreational activity, that’s one thing. But if he is hinting during the first date that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, there is a good chance that the opposite is true. That would be like a doctor assuring first-time patients that he/she went to medical school.

8. I’m Usually A Health Nut, I’m Just Making An Exception On This Date
Guys who say this are full of it. It isn’t to say that people don’t need to occasionally take a break from kale and tofu, but wouldn’t you think that a real health nut would make to make a positive first impression and stick with their regular routine?

9. I’ve Never Had a One Night Stand
Before you become too cynical, we aren’t trying to argue that every guy has had a one-night stand. We’re saying that any guy who tells you this during a first date is either really naive (if he’s telling the truth, that is) or is a player.

10. I’m a Sensitive Guy
Awwww, isn’t that sweet? He cried when Jack Dawson died in Titanic. Any sensitive guy who needs to tell you that he is a sensitive guy needs to be called out on his shenanigans.

11. I Make Six Figures
If a first date is bragging about how much money is rolling in, you need to quietly excuse yourself to use the ladies’ room… and make a beeline towards your car. Financial security isn’t a bad thing, but imagine discovering that Mr. Money Bags actually lives in his parent’s dingy basement.

12. I’m not Religious But I’m a Spiritual Person
A “spiritual person who isn’t religious” is a cop out expression for somebody who doesn’t believe in anything but doesn’t want to admit it. You’re better off being with somebody who knows what they believe.

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