10 Signs You’re Too Picky With Guys

When it comes to seeking out the right guy, attraction and sharing similar interests are reasonable expectations. But some girls have impossibly high standards when it comes to finding Mr Right, which explains why their evenings are always so lonely. We have compiled a list of 10 signs you might be asking for way too much when looking for love.

1. You refuse to date guys who have a goofy laugh
Silly laughs can get irritating sometimes, but if that disqualifies an otherwise wonderful man from being in a relationship with you, the problem is probably with you.

2. You haven’t been in a long-term relationship in forever
If you have gone on numerous first dates (and a handful of second) and it occurs to you that you haven’t been in a steady relationship in years, you should consider lowering your standards a bit.

3. You turn down anybody who calls or texts you “too soon”
A cute guy asks for your number. You are intrigued. He sends you a message two days later. You conclude he must be totally desperate since he should have waited at least a couple days more. Rather than make this assumption, give him a chance and see how things go.

4. Defining the “perfect guy” would require writing a novel
All of us have certain things that we look for in a significant other. A sense of humor. A certain height. A dog lover. A degree in astrophysics. The ability to perform street magic. A Noble Peace Price. If you have a lengthy list of traits and accomplishments that your potential mate must possess, you should narrow it down.

5. You reject any guy who is a few minutes late for the first date
Punctuality is an important soft skill. It conveys respect and is simply polite. However, if your date is running a bit late, don’t fume about it or ditch him. Perhaps he got off work late or traffic was slow. Just take it in stride and enjoy your time together. (Of course, if his tardiness becomes a pattern, that’s a different story)

6. You expect immediate chemistry
When people meet for the first time, they sometimes click right away. But not every successful relationship begins with perfect chemistry. If you like a guy and he seems decent even if he doesn’t blow your mind right away, give him a chance. As you two become more relaxed and familiar with each other after a few dates, you might begin to realize that you have a lot in common.

7. You’re a vegetarian who only dates other vegetarians (or a meat-eater who refuses to)
You might be a vegetarian based on principle (chickens are adorable!) or for health reasons. But don’t let that come between you and a really great guy who likes an occasional hamburger. Likewise, if you enjoy meat and go on a date with a guy who doesn’t, don’t reject a vegetarian based on preconceived notions.

8. They must share your taste in music
You like Katy Perry. He doesn’t. His favorite band is Maroon 5. You want to slap him. But please don’t. Musical tastes are entirely subjective, so don’t allow it to determine whether the guy is right for you.

9. You always swipe left whenever the guy’s got facial hair on his profile pic
You might find beards to be a sign that the guy is a weirdo hipster or even a vagabond, but don’t reach any conclusions before giving him a chance. You could be missing out on a potential soul mate.

10. You have concluded that there won’t be a second date even before the first one has started
Oh boy. If you have already decided the date is a failure before it has even begun, you might want to consider joining a convent.
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