10 Keys to a Rock Solid Relationship That Will Last Forever

Relationships are complex because everybody has a different personality and we all place importance on different aspects of the relationship. Some people choose a partner who can make them laugh whereas others prefer somebody who is more stoic. Nonetheless, there are certain universal truths when it comes to building the foundation of a successful partnership that will last for the rest of your life. If you and your partner follow these 10 guidelines for keeping the relationship strong, you might just live happily ever after.

10. Never Go To Bed Angry
Disagreements are bound to happen even in healthy relationships. But when you and your partner are upset at each other, it is important to find a resolution and not let it fester all day and all night. This could mean finding a compromise or simply agreeing to disagree. The bottom line is that when you wake up the next day, you should be ready to forgive, move on from the conflict and move forward with your relationship.

9. Make Him/Her Your Priority
Career, children and other obligations are important, but you need to also make time for just the two of you. Use this time to discuss and address each others’ wants and needs. If you are married or have been in the relationship for a long period of time, keep things interesting by having an occasional “date night” in order to enjoy your partner’s company and maintain the emotional connection.

8. Respect and Never Contempt
All good relationships require mutual respect. You want your partner to feel as happy and comfortable in the relationship as you are. Of course, beyond listening to your partner and making them feel like they are appreciated, respect also means never showing contempt by mocking them or otherwise making them feel foolish. When a problem arises, a smart partner discusses it in private rather than embarrassing their significant other in front of their friends.

7. Show Reminders of Love
When you love your partner, it is important to show it. Hold hands. If you are passing them, give them little touches on the arm or shoulder as you do so. Leave little love notes. Compliment them. Do whatever it takes to make them feel loved and appreciated.

6. Remember that Love Takes Work
Nobody said that love was easy. It requires major sacrifices. For example, sometimes you will need to listen to your partner’s concerns even when it isn’t convenient for you. Or you will need to change some of your habits for the sake of the relationship. If you are committed to putting in the effort, your relationship will remain strong.

5. Work Together During Moments of Crisis
A crisis is a true test when you are in a relationship. It is a time to act like adults and handle the crisis together. If your partner loses his/her job, this means providing them with the encouragement and emotional support rather than trying to make them feel like they’ve let the family down. If he/she is feeling extremely stressed, make it clear that you’ll solve any problem together rather than leave them alone to cope with the problem.

4. Always Communicate Your Relationship Problems
Successful couples understand that when there are problems in the relationship, it is important to be straight forward and deal with them right away rather than stay silent or feel like you need to walk on egg shells. This does not mean you have to nitpick or treat every minor issue as though it has lasting consequences, but when something is not right in the relationship – especially if it relates to intimacy issues – it is important to speak up and work together to find solutions.

3. On the Same Page Financially
Financial problems are among the biggest threats to a relationship. To avoid this, strong couples set up a budget and lay down rules that they both can agree to. Consult each other before making major purchases such as cars and flat screen TVs. Are household expenses to be split 50/50 or based on respective incomes? By hammering out the details, the couple can avoid resentments. One suggestion is to create separate checking accounts for personal wants and a joint account for utilities, gas and food.

2. Develop Shared Hobbies
A stable relationship is one that never gets stale. To keep it going, it is important to develop mutual hobbies. This could include taking up golfing together, salsa dancing or planning weekend hiking trips. When couples have a shared interest, it provides an additional way to bond and even allows them to set goals and achieve exciting challenges together.

1. A Deep Sense of Trust
Jealousy issues are certain to doom a relationship. Couples in a healthy relationship do not feel a sense of paranoia or imagine that their partner is being unfaithful. They do not calling repeated to find out where their partner is and what he/she is doing. On the other hand, trust is something that both partners must work on during the course of their relationship. Earning trust means demonstrating dependability, following through on promises and demonstrating devotion.
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