8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever

Winter is comingand yes, it’s going to be cold, wet, grey, gloomy, and everythingin-between. But it will also be filled with lights, snowflakes, warmcups of cocoa and sweet get-togethers with your friends and family.It all depends on your perspective! Danes definitely know a thing ortwo about this as they’ve invented a whole lifestyle that focuseson feelings of warmth, cosiness, and overall well-being. From thehygge point of view winters were made for happiness, you just need toknow a few tricks to unlock it and use the cold weather magic to itsfullest. Here are 8 hygge tips for the cosiest winter ever.

Get your homewinter-ready

One of the mostimportant ingredients of hygge is creating the warm cozy ambience allaround you. It’s really not that difficult! Cover everything,including your cold floors and any crevices that can let in the coldair with warm rugs and blankets. Add some warm and fluffy cushions toyour bed and sofa, and drape the windows to save your home from bothcold and dark. Stock up on candles and put as many mirrors in yourhouse as possible to reflect all this warm beauty.

Get your home winter-ready | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Gather yourfriends or family

There’s nothingwrong with hibernating home alone this winter, but here’s a funoption – how about gathering your loved ones and having some funwith them? It can by anything from sharing a meal together to playinggames or watching movies, depending on the type of crowd you have.Winter is the best time to stay together in the warmth of a homewithout the need to rush out somewhere just because it’s sunny,warm, and pleasant outside.

Gather your friends or family | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Try theseactivities

The outside worldmight be less friendly during winter months, but you still can enjoyit greatly. Snowboarding, skiing, sledging, building snowmen andhaving a snow fight with your friends – these are just a fewactivities that you should try this winter with your friends andfamily. You will feel happy like a kid and that is one of the ways toexperience hygge!

Try these activities | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Make a winterplay-list

Being constantlybombarded by the latest pop singers’ hits and Christmas songs mightnot be the best way to build up that sweet hygge mood, so take yourtime and create a calming, down-tempo playlist with songs that makeyou feel truly nice and cosy. It can be soul, jazz, some instrumentalmusic, or whatever relaxes you the most. Music can change our moodcompletely, so don’t underestimate its power.

Make a winter play-list | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Get more sun

We’re all quitegood at hiding and spending quality time indoors, but let’s notforget that lack of Vitamin D is one of the biggest causes ofdepression during winter months. You might be working during theday, but don’t despair – you always have lunch-breaks to get yourdaily dose of light. Go walking around the hood, try a newrestaurant, or listen to some nice music while sitting on a bench inthe park. Make sure you use your weekends to the fullest and go outsomewhere you can get as much light as you need.

Get more sun | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Don’t rush

Hygge is allabout slowing down and enjoying the moment right now. If you are intoyoga, meditation, or know some mindfulness exercises, then yourealize just how important it is to be able to stay in the now,without rushing to the next thing and worrying about the past that isalready gone. Try enjoying the simple things – your morning cup ofcoffee or evening mug of cocoa, a morning filled with sunlight, a fewhours with a good book, or playing with your cat. It’s the simplethings that make us the happiest!

Don’t rush | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Dress properly

There is no badweather, only wrong clothing! That’s the main rule for any winter –the better your winter gear, the more comfortable you are, and themore hygge you experience! Forget about high heels and cute shortjackets – they might work in autumn, but winter is all aboutstaying warm and healthy in the cold temperatures.

Dress properly | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty

Take a hotbath

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of a hot, bubbly bath, especially after a day out in the cold weather. Treat yourself to an evening with a candle-lit bath or sauna, enjoy some essential oils, relax, and then put on your warmest clothes in order to stay healthy during winter months.

Take a hot bath | 8 Hygge Tips For The Coziest Winter Ever | Her Beauty