8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About

Whodoesn’t know Magan Fox? Men want to be with her, women just want tobe her. You can envy her, you can adore her, you can hate her all youwant, but you can’t deny the fact that she’s famous and gorgeous.You probably remember her best from Transformers movies, Jennifer’sBody and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. These days there’sa lot you can find out about a person online. At some point in yourlife, you probably google Megan Fox age so you know how old she is incomparison to you. Some women have definitely searched for Megan Foxweight to see how many pounds they have to lose to look anything likeher. And I definitely know a few men who looked up Megan Fox heightto see if they would look good as a couple as if that’s ever goingto happen. But what do you really know about her? Today we thoughtwe’d share a few fun facts about Megan you probably didn’t know.

1.The Wizard Of Oz Changed Her Life

Fewpeople know that Megan Fox was obsessed with Dorothy from The Wizardof Oz as a kid. She says that’s what made her want to be anactress, and she was only a child at the time. She started going todance class when she was 5, started modelling at 13 and made herfirst acting debut at 15. Little did she know that it was just thebeginning and her dreams of becoming a famous actress would cometrue.

The Wizard Of Oz Changed Her Life | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

2.Her Parents Were Very Strict

Megangrew up with very strict rules. She went to a catholic school, hermom didn’t allow her to wear makeup and her parents wouldn’tallow her to date at all. But you know how teenagers are, so Meganfound a way around that and used to sneak out of her house to go seeboys in secret. And while that rebellious side of her’s probablyhelped her achieve her dreams, some things from her childhood didstick with her. Megan is still religious and goes to church onSundays to this day.

Her Parents Were Very Strict | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

3.Megan Fox’s Hair Color

You probably have noticed that a lot ofactresses go blonde. It’s kind of a cliché that in order toachieve success in Hollywood and get more jobs you need to go blonde.Megan is a brunette and as you can see she’s doing very well. Infact, after she wore a blonde wig for SNL her agent told her to nevergo blonde.

Megan Fox’s Hair Color | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

4.She Wasn’t Girly Growing Up

Lookingat Megan Fox now you might think she grew up being super girly, beingthe prom queen and spending her days shopping, trying out new hairdosand getting her nails done, but you’d be wrong. Megan wasn’tgirly growing up, she was actually quite a tomboy. She loved sportsand often would choose that over girly activities. She used to docompetitive swimming and even broke a record in her hometown, shealso did a performance jump rope and used to do tap dancing too.

She Wasn’t Girly Growing Up | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

5.She Had A Shark Encounter

Actingin big movies isn’t the only thing Megan is good at. She’s anamazing surfer and likes to do it whenever she has the change. Onetime she even came face to face with a shark while surfing and whilemany would panic in that situation Megan kept her calm and the sharkjust swam away without hurting her.

She Had A Shark Encounter | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

6.Megan Fox: The Domestic Goddess

Ifyou ever wondered why does Megan Fox’s husband look familiar it’sbecause you probably watched him play David Silver on Beverly Hills90210. They’ve been married since 2010 and have three kidstogether. Magan Fox kids Bodhi, Journey and Noah are destined to growup into gorgeous people with parents like that.

Megan Fox: The Domestic Goddess | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

7.Her Favourite Lip Color Is Red

Whilemany celebrities prefer a nude lip because that requires lessprecision and maintenance, Megan really loves a red lip. She says itsuits her skin tone way better than any nude shade and it just makesany look way more intentional. We can’t blame her, she really doesknow how to rock a red lip.

Her Favourite Lip Color Is Red | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty

8.Megan Fox’s Tattoos

Megan fox has 9 tattoos to date and who knows maybe she’ll get some more. She started getting tattooed pretty early on when she was only 19. She has a Shakespeare quote tattooed on her skin, a poem she wrote herself, a tribal symbol, etc. She used to have a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm because she idolized her as a child, but since then Megan learned more about her and decided to remove the tattoo because it has negative energy.

Megan Fox’s Tattoos | 8 Megan Fox Facts You Didn’t Know About | Her Beauty