Coolsculpting Dos And Don’ts

Whatis coolsculpting?

Coolsculptingis the only non invasive procedure for fat reduction. Usingcontrolled cooling, this method gets rid of hard-to-remove fat. Itdestroys your fat cells and forces your body to metabolize it beforeit can be stores somewhere else. Here are the top do’s and don’tbefore you embark on your CoolSculpt journey.

How does coolsculpting work? – The processed works well for people who are slightly overweight, because the machine can only fit a certain amount of fat in it. It helps shorten and quicken your weightless journey but isn’t a miracle cure for the obese.

What is coolsculpting? | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts | Her Beauty

Don’t take medication or supplements that thin the blood such as fish oil and St. Johns Wort, as this can make you bruise easier. Consult your doctor but try to stop taking them about a week before the procedure.

Try to protect your skin before the procedure, since damaging it beforehand (cuts or bruises) might force you to postpone your treatment as it. May worsen existing wounds.

How does coolsculpting work? | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts | Her Beauty

Try not to tan where you are getting the fat removed, as this can make skin very sensitive to treatment. Use SPF diligently to avoid this sensitivity,

Wear loose clothing the day of your treatment and old underwear, since they apply a gel which may get on your undergarments.

Wear loose clothing | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts| Her Beauty

Findout how many treatments you’ll need beforehand rather than blindlysaying yes. Some people only need one treatment and are happy with20% reduction, while others need repeated sessions every couple ofmonths. This can make a big difference in terms of the dent in yourwallet.

Treatment | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts | Her Beauty

Ifyou’re curious how effective is coolsculpting, don’t expect longterm results to manifest without lifestyle changes. If you don’teat well and don’t exercise, the results won’t keep up with you.

Eat well and exercise | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts | Her Beauty

Sideeffects during treatment include tugging feelings, intense cold,cramping, and stinging, followed by redness and firmness withpossible cramping and sensitivity.

Side effects | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts | Her Beauty

Dueto the noninvasive nature of CoolSculpting, results are notimmediate, but the risks are decidedly lower than invasive proceduressuch as liposuction.

Results are not immediate | Coolsculpting Dos And Don'ts | Her Beauty

Alsoyou shouldn’t do coolsculpting if you’re pregnant or trying toget pregnant.